this is tom and josh in the valet at soho house . this picture really
paints an accurate portrait of him . soho is a chic place that people
pay a really expensive membership to be apart of . very calm, w/ a cocktail
in hand kinda vibe . yet tom is seen here w/ wet hair and sweating through his
t-shirt . he brings that energy everywhere, it's an absolute blast . i'm
assuming they both wore a green bomber out so josh turned his inside
out . just two goofy rad kids having a great time, this nite was so fun Xx

Eliza FUCKING Cummings !!!

in modeling i'm not crazy about traveling domestically . there are some
minor downsides to me, the ubers around cost money, the airport travel is
exhausting, and i always tend to eat worse since i don't have my kitchen/groceries .
i also have never worked out ONCE when i travel but those are just my personal
issues i suppose . but the plus can be you land in a city where one of your
best friends live . so i got to spend the evening w/ noboru which was nice :)

i did the job w/ alicia and when we were at o'hare airport waiting
for our flight she suggests eating at chili's . i thought that was cute .
she also never uses profanity and prefers the word "friggin'" . it's nice
to work w/ someone who's personality completely contrasts yours but
has such a great vibe that you just enjoy the conversation and differences

i collaborated w/ "sweets!" magazine and shared the adventure i
had w/ jordan in europe thru collages made from photos and notes Xx

Dan Man / Danny Boy !! just another perfect Australian <3

remi, as far as i know he makes more than any guy in los angeles .
that doesn't matter of course, but he's an exception to the rule, "you
have to have a large social media following to make it" . not only does
he not at all, he literally just created an instagram page for himself
LAST WEEK ! also taking into note he primarily lives in a RV and has a
blackberry phone . he's just on a whole other level, i can't be there myself
because i do love my possessions and home . but one can't look at
his way of life and not find it just so awe inspiring . thx for being you remi :)








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