did a job for a shoe company and kyle blackmon styled it ^^ i was kind've
addicted to his energy and vibe . he was telling me (because i asked)
about the stuff he has done, gq, details, etc etc . and i was curious
because i feel like the LA fashion industry is so small because of
instagram . i feel like i have pretty much heard about everyone but
not him . he's like, "yeah my instagram only has 4 photos" da fuq ??
he is already signed to a reputable agency at 22 !! it's just so funny because
so may people front so hard about styling and they are all doing test shoots . this
guy is young AF, his smile is contagious, and he is COMPLETELY invisible but is
killing it . i love that about him, i hope i get to work w/ him soon again <3


jesse at the top and ashley in 2nd place . i said it once & i'll
say it again, we might possibly be the best girl boy COD team <3

dee and i are at that stage where we can hang out as friends again .
she was my first REAL girlfriend , not counting the ones when i lived
at my mom's house and we didn't do much . i took her to a restaurant
around 9 o'clock and look at this shit ^^ how ghetto is that just bringing
your phone and charger to dinner and just leaving that on the floor for all the
staff to walk by . who needs their phone charged at 100% at 9pm anyway ?

will and i heven't hung out since new years nite, god i loved that
madthirsty post :) that was also the same post that remington made her
debut into my life . if you remember that post it was epic, it now has
been edited down and completely changed which has sucked for
"image" reasons . anywho him and i got into a lil' fight because of that nite .
remington and i have gone through a split and it has been extremely hard for me .
i called will and texted him but to no avail, i finally wrote, "we aren't friends
anymore but after everything we've been through i need you to step up
to the plate right now and help me" next thing you know we are kicking it
at the beach like the old days :) something about the ocean... it kind of
just melts away all issues and problems . it's my favorite thing in the world
and i do not envy anyone who does not have under 2 hours driving distance to one








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