i caught a lizard at the beach and named him rocky

after work i sat down for a bite at the sushi bar and i saw this woman, i could tell she was sauced
but i thought whatever ynot? we started to shoot the breeze and in minutes we were making out,
bounced outta there laughing thinking nothing of it. next day i said fuck it and called her.
we went out to dinner that nite and i was getting CRAZED looks like "wtf are you two doing together?"
but it's ok because i get off on that kind of shit, it's hard to judge me because i've always been a weirdo ya dig? we went back to her place
and she showed some pics/told me she's a singer, up on some indian stuff. so cool. we get along swimmingly. she's 45, 25 years my elder?!?
at first i was kind've unsure but i've always been a devout believer in freedom and no restrictions and just so happens she is the one
who is teaching me. 'harold & maude' or 'lost in translation'? your pick

she's the blonde 1

i somehow try to make the songs at the end tie it up/relate. i've always
liked the following two but now am starting to understand them.

the verve - all in the mind

the smiths w/ sandie shaw - hand in glove

laura satterfield - i know i don't walk on water