i shot w/ beauty is boring, robin black does the makeup and shoots it .
she is very talented, here is my post . we met on a shoot and we just clicked ;)

this is (what's left of) my ikea bedframe . if you have been to my house
you know that my mattress STILL lays on this, one day i was just looking
at it laughing that i have not gotten a new frame even after it has been like
this for 8 months . also note the "pants" blanket that i have kept since i was 5 :)

i'm gonna go on a rant here about remi, this guy is the shit . simple .
i texted him about going on a low key trip, 5-7 days in november, maybe
driving thru mexico . he came over to discuss and somehow now we are going
to nigeria in december . he just has a lust for life . i met remi when i did my first
modeling job ever for levi's asia campaign . we didn't talk after that much but when
levi's asked us to go to san francisco is where we really became friends . i just confessed
this to him recently but when they offered the job they asked if i had a place to crash, i wanted
to do the job so i just said, "yes" . i wanted to travel and make money and try to get a little
adventure in, which i totally did i fell in love w/ sedona (one of the models) . i was rlly nervous
tho because i honestly didn't know anybody there, when remi and i got to the
SF airport i knew that once the door opened it was a free-for-all because i had no where to go .
he said hey man instead of looking for a hostel (what i told him) come hang out w/ my friend and i .
he's just so inviting and warm, always lending his hand . out of all my model friends,
remi makes more than all of us, seriously probably like triple what i make . not that
having money makes you great but it's just that he's so grounded, and this career
whether you like it or not, has changed all of us, and even i can admit that . but remi
isn't even about that life ! he never talks about all the work he does, that he flies
everywhere every other week, he's just so chill about it . like when i met him
he was driving some cool 90's turbo car, then one day he showed up riding a motorycle .
then the next time i saw him he was rolling around in a new BMW, now he put that up
for sale to buy a RV !! because he wants to travel the USA !! contantly going on trips, barbados,
taking his girl to asia for a month, new york for a weekend . he's just always traveling and
he just wants all there is . this is probably embarrassing for him to read and it sounds like
i am fanning out on him but i believe that when someone is truly amazing, everyone should
know . and like luke gilford and oliver daly, i believe in him . ok i'm done... 4 now :P

we moved around my rooftop lounge area and made the best minitiure golf course
obstacles ever . this is a par 6 for sure ! i ended up winning in case u were wondering

the five of us went to a party in venice and after luke and ollie went home .
andy, miles, and i were invited to the most random ladies house who we only
had a short conversation w/ . we wanted to keep the friday nite going so we went, ynot ?
when we got there the first thing we wanted to do was get out of that awkward reality... ;)

here lies andy having a religious ethereal experience
after i showed him this jesus illusion video clip

then we became enveloped and blown away in our minds by "hand tricks" .
the things you can do, the fingers that you can wiggle... it's just.... everything

LMAO at this photo, all three of them perfectly explain how we were feeling ^^
andy's hands completely blowing it and miles doing something completely off

miles (pictured left) is always about borrowing my camera to create
some cinematic epic photo . as you can see in the photo above, he made
every stanger who was at the house, stop what they are doing, and participate
in his "vision" . he is basically the best party guy ever, i wish i was that brave 2 do that

this one too ^^

the lady that invited was having a conversation about sex after birthing a child .
someone said that it doesn't feel the same and someone said it does yadda yadda
all i recall is she said something like, "yes it's the strongest thing ever, go ahead and kick mine"
i remember looking at miles and smiling, then we began taking turns kicking this womans vagina .
above is a photo of miles kicking a woman in the vagina and giving me the thumbs up, just one of those photos
were you look at it in 5 years and think, "i know we were having fun but WTF is going on here ?!?!"

saturday morning remi texted me to see if i wanted to see "above and beyond" at the greek theatre .
i told him, "since i don't listen to them, if you have a spare ticket i'll go if not we'll hang after" .
he texted me back 30 min later saying he has a ticket . see how everyone in the above photo
is all grouped together a couple rows behind me ? yeah... remi basically just got a random ticket
where i sat alone in the middle of two asain couples . i thought it was so funny but at the same
time i'm sure remi did not think twice about it because i could totally see him doing that like
no big deal, dude is just way 2 real ! not rlly into EDM but the concert was amazing thx bruh :)

ugh another guy right in front who just records the whole concert on his phone .
dude even has a broken thumb but that is not stopping him from video'ing everything !

after we went to bootsy bellows and jennifer, who i knew only thru facebook, it was her third day
in california and i wanted to show her hollywood so she joined us, perfect ending to a great day :)








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