i did an editorial and was told i was shooting w/ this girl, pic on the right is the one i googled
and the pic on the left is one i took . a bit different because she looks so young and has braces :)

whenever i took her picture she always smiled . i luv that

we shot in the salton sea, hottest weirdest place on earth .
we were locked out of our base and time was running out ...

so we decided to break in, the old credit card & paperclip trick ...

the photographer tried ...

the stylist tried ...

i tried ...

tried the balcony ... but nothing was working !

but oh wait ...

here comes the salton sea locals !

w/ a hammer !


we're in ;)

La-Z-Boy X Givenchy Collaboration

all they had was one vhs copy of 'the crow' . that got me going

it's unreal there

everyone went home after but kaela drove four hours and met me there just
to camp on the beach and hang out, amazing . keep in mind this is a model who
can start a fire, cook corn in foil, and wants to sleep outside in just a blanket, so bound 2 earth .

watched the sunrise and then went to salvation mountain




on the drive back we listened to her music,
could not believe she had these two songs