that's the samsung commercial i was in ^^^ ... or not . we filmed it on
a massive soundstage on the iconic warner brothers studio lot which was
cool . basically the concept was you're listening to samsung's new mp3 app
and you look up and it's the real thing in front of you . all 6 of us were assigned
a genre, i was "hip hop" which is totally rad . but i think the ad agency and client
fell in love w/ kota so they made the whole commercial about her . honestly i wasn't
bummed out because my agent made a sweet deal where i get a nice buyout
no matter what and kota is just plain rad . i totally get it too it's like, we are all
fine and all but kota being so unique looking kinda blows all of us out of the water,
plus she is the only talent that looks like she can listen to every genre so it works :)

the set was so amazing, they had a delorean and really
cool themes and extensive light set ups for each artist

these are childish gambino's shoes that they had to cover up
w/ tape because of the logo . the raddest part of the whole experience
was having childish gambino basially just perform for me . i know i get
very over the top w/ emotions on my captions but it was just like, i know
there was 30 crew members behind me but it was just him and i illuminated .
i remember he looked me in the eye and gave me a thumbs up but i was
so shy i looked down haha . the only thing i ever really listened to of his was
his "pound cake freestyle" but he kept doing "3005" and it was incredible .
for real, as a performer he is amazing, i can read people very well and to
dance to your whole song on a drop of a dime solo as 40 people just stare at
you is a lot, and for the 3 minutes he didn't even repeat a move ! he was fucking
incredible . like iggy azalea and charlie xxii or whatever completely sucked...
they had to keep looking at each other and laugh because you can tell they were
not comfortable and they had no charisma or dance skills at all . and i know
john legend is mellow but he just sat in one place the whole performance .
i really am hating but i just want everyone to know that childish gambino is the shit .
watching him one on one was something that i won't get ever again it was special ;)

^^ he had a chair w/ his name on it so then i requested
one and wrote my name on tape and put it next to his lol

as you saw above there were hand models there on set . i've never
known any hand models or anything close so i kept bugging them to see
their hands . so i took photos of them doing stuff w/ their money makers :)

on the first day of shooting we didn't have a trailer even tho
we worked a 14 hour day . so above is a photo of me sleeping
in the stylist room . thankfully on the 2nd and 3rd day we had one

immediately everyone went to sleep but i watched the nba
championship game w/ the dudes who own the trailer . got to
eat snacks, make money and watch the spurs win, how awesome

audition friday, booked it saturday, fitting sunday, and shot monday-wednesday .
monday i stepped in front of the camera from 2:45-3:15 pm . that would be my only
camera time the whole job . isn't that crazy ?? got paid to eat food all day, sleep
and chillt w/ new great people . got cut out of the commercial but i'm not complaining ;)








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