i shot actor/model samuel larsen for LA Canvas . i don't really shoot
editorials too often because i'm not very good at it . telling someone
to stand here or there and make a face it's just not very me i guess .
i saw sam on my agency's website and thought he was great looking
and wanted to shoot him . getting a hold of him was a fucking nightmare,
he never responded to me except maybe hours later . i hated him before
i even met him ! but when he showed up his energy was endless, he was
down to go wherever and wear whatever . he told me he doesn't go near
his phone because when he is going out for an acting part he wants to be in the
zone . so i was lame for assuming, all in all he is a great guy and he helped
me feel comfortable shooting . any clients that are reading: book him :)

those were their selects ^^ these are the ones i like too below...




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