skyrim swag (for those of you that play this i have every trophy motha fuckaaa) ^^

my brothers from ventura came and hung out for two days

oh you know just screaming 'you're hot !' out the fire escape
and when they turn around me we duck and cover... mature shit ^^

more mature shit

- dude why does that baby have a money sign chain ?
- and a beanie...
- w/ a headlamp
- dude why is jackie chan on there too ?

P E A C E ^^

i saw greenman at my place ^^

emma.... you took me thru the world n back . w/ all the ups n downs that come w/ it .
but w/ out you i wouldn't be where i am today, sitting here in my own loft in the city i thought i'd never live in .
learned more from you than anyone, the people i've met, the places i've been, the lifestyle because of u . much love darlin

for my birthday i went to ventura to see my fav beach w/ my friends and family







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