Levi's flew me out to San Francisco for the weekend to shoot .
this photo is on the bus from union to LAX, i fell asleep
and when i woke no one was on, not even the driver . i was terrified

remi and i flew out together

i went there w/ literally no place 2 go . was going to get
dropped off in the city 2 find a hostel and just wing it, but remi let me roll w/
his crew and gorjan on the right let me stay at his mom's, thx my dude :)

love working w/ Peter Z Jones

i like this photo alot because i can read it just thru body language . the three of us on the left (remi, ari and i)
have already worked together on previous proects, we're goofs & we got our lollipops just hanging . sedona is new
and is kinda off on her own, but after the shoot the four of us hung out and she really became part of the crew .

i got him hooked on street fighter on my phone ;)