flew out to SF for a day 2 shoot some sportswear shizzz w/ my homie peter z jones .
flight was delayed 3 hours so i turned to the guy next to me and started talking shit
about southwest . we became homies for the remainder of the time and we got margaritas
n lunch . we hung out on the plane and he even took the bart w/ me when we landed .
he's a fine wine art dealer, this is some of the things he said sitting next to me on the plane .

- you can't go back ya know, having a champagne taste on a soda pop budget
- not only is wine paired w/ foods, for instance i pair my shrooms on top of pizza, or i mix it in a chocolate milkshake
(fucking w/ him on the little knowledge i have on wine) me - you know i've heard from wine experts that white zinfandel is the best
wine ever... - PLEASE !! white zin is just for boring people and hicks to drink while they watch grey's anatomy and feel sophisticated
- you don't want to end up like kate moss ya know . me - ynot ? - ya know, just livin off of champagne n cocaine
- everything in moderation, including moderation

sati let me stay at his house in oakland 4 the nite, thx bud

got him hooked on 'MX Mayhem' on my phone ^^

this is the club we went to, felt like i was lost in a portlandia episode...
the guy above w/ the rat tail was my world tho, i followed him everywhere ^^



m'kai got me hooked on temple run . it's my new fav game and it's free !

after everytime we would drop 300+ ping pong balls we
would all have to pick them up again . such a workout ^^

when they were shooting the girl m'kai and i would go to the other
studio and play like a 'g rated' version of raquetball that we made up . soo fun

what a great 24 hours, thx peter :)



sati introduced me to zoo kid/king krule, i'm so into it ^^^  



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