you send my life, into somewhere
i can't describe, so many details

taylor and i went to the release party for LA Canvas magazine,
they gave me a full page doing a skate trick shirtless, soooo tite

him and i hanging out at our favorite star's star, wesley snipes

michael - quest - taylor
i met all these dudes the same day, this is a mini reunion for me .
it was on the set of "fashion star", i only did the finale so everybody was all cliqued up
already, but these guys (and 1 girl) were really nice to me . god i hate models some times...

the girl on the right is the main girl in the video "feds watching"
i kept bugging her and asked her for a picture i could tell she
thought i was rlly annoying but fuck it she is beautiful !!

i got a milf in the club U.O.E.N.O. it !
and she don't speak no english U.O.E.N.O. it !

this is what (according to the number 16 ranked male model in the world looks like ^^
his name is Aaran Sly and he is really calm and really sweet . also has a degree in physics... wow .
not even gonna front the two dudes above and myself were just his backround models, haha no shame in my game !
taylor (pictured above in pool) told me he was up for this job, and i was thinking i would have been so bitter if it was
him doing it instead of aaran . can you imagine doing background for your friend ? the whole time i would just be
gritting my teeth and saying, "fuck you" under my breathe the entire shoot for sure :)

went swimming in santa monica around midnight or 1 w/ a friend and we noticed
this fisherman, and he started to fish closer and closer to us . finally we got out of the water
to see what was up, this guy caught a fucking shark !! then he warned us like, "you know this is
when all the sharks are really close to shore, i've already caught 4 tonite you should not be swimming here !"
but now it just makes me feel more cool ;) then he tossed the shark back into the ocean and just kept fishing...

that same nite caroline asked me for a place to stay w/ her friend, i told her i would have but
i wasn't going to be home till 3ish . she said her and her friend didn't care and they
would just wait . the whole night they were all energized from drinking "nos", just
talking really fast to eachother, about boys and, watching youtube clips in stuff .
i tried to go to sleep but i didn't until 8 am, and then i had to help taylor move at 9:30... ugh








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