day 2 . everything on both days came from this RV, it was our headquarters .
you had the clothes, hair and makeup, and kraft services out this bitch

hahahaahaha ^^^

yesterday the hardest looking caterer . today the hottest ^^

ari was taking polaroids the whole time, her photos are
10x cooler than these but she doesn't know how to scan them haha

the whole crew right here ! ^^^

when we drove by the tire yard nick mentioned a famous photo by herb ritz . i was so siked he even knew
about that and we when got there he took off his shirt, started doing pushups and then grabbed
two tires and did the pose . all the workers/customers were looking at him crazed . nick is so rad

everyone was so sick . nick, jj, ari & blake are so pretty inside n out . this was an awesome job





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