let's see... i first met Simha when our mutual friend Reda texted me w/ a photo
of her and said something along the lines of, "interested in this girl ?" after a quick
google search where i found her wilhelmina model portfolio i replied w/ an instant
"YES" and after about an hour of sexting i was at her place in west hollywood,
just like that ;) what blossomed from that was a friendship . but the theme of this post
is her presence at the club . tuesday, friday, saturday she is there, always . i have
never gone and not seen her it's amazing her devotion to it . when i go it's to mostly
turn up and dance w/ my friends and try to kiss girls, but i have never seen her dance
once . i think she's content drinking slowly and hanging around the table just talking
to people or looking like that cliche hot bitch that you don't wanna approach . there are
other sides to her that i love, like she only listens to horrible pop music yet she has
shown me clips of her singing opera that have blown me away, she was engaged once
upon a time, she loves to laugh and make funny vine videos, and she owns a ps4 .
she's someone that i like and no matter what to me she will forever be the only "Club God"

get some sleep my love, because tomorrow we do it alllll over again ;)








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