my world w/ these 2 right here ^^

the kid on the left tried to sell me that penny board for 150$,
i told him that's more than they are retail and he replied,
"so what ? i know it is, i'm a hustla baby" i can't...

we were talking about tattoos one day and i told them
that i've wanted to get one specifically since i was young . it's
a bryan ferry song called, "slave to love" . my parents really
enjoyed it and i feel like the lyrics and title is everything i am,
i mean just look at this site, it's proof ;) they suggested we all
get it together, can you believe that ? a tattoo i've been nervous
about getting for 8 years . now finally doing it w/ two people
that have changed my life . unreal, boy am i lucky <3

after we all celebrated and had a major nite at rhonda

my first tattoo, rhonda was the best ever, so good we went to
a warehouse after to keep it going ! all of these things combined
made a perfect last nite before jordan left for croatia . but wait,
minji called... she asked where i was and i told her i would be
anywhere she needed me to be . i had to stop it there for all
of us so i could see her . i could tell it was a buzzkill for both of
them but i would do anything in the world for minji . i consider her
the girl who saved my life, you can read the most revealing and
important story on this 8 entries ago . i feel like i am who i am now
because of her, and that no one else has changed me to this extent .
so when i saw her, it was a bit of closure for me . it was a horrible
way to say goodbye as jordan goes off on a european vacation and
jessica simply left without saying a word . but being in minji's presence as
the most fun nite came to a halt for drama and tears.. the way i felt and
what that did for me, fuck i feel like i could live in that moment it was so mega

this was a job i did for coca cola . the kid above is named
maks and he's an 18 year old polish boy . he laughed
at everything in a very extreme manner and was
on his phone during the shoot, literally WHILE he was
in the shot . i didn't know if he was an asshole or just a
weirdo like kramer in seinfeld . i couldn't figure him out and
i loved that so i hung out w/ him all day a couple days later but my
camera battery died so i have nothing to show . adore this kid

thank you Minji Xx









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