did a music video for chain gang of 1974, the song is
called sleepwalking . the mp3 on youtube posted 7 months
ago has 3.7 million views because it was used in the trailer
for grand theft auto 5 . every comment on the music video is like,
"GTA 5 !!" . anywho, i got the job because Vertel ^^ the producer suggested
me to the director after they saw some people that they weren't that into .
the only time we met was briefly on this job for eighties purple almost three
years ago !! here's the only photo i have of him from that job . just goes to show if
you are nice and cool people will remember it and they may help in the future :)

i'm about to go OFF on this guy above . his name is jesse
johnson, and he was the stunt driver on the job . here is his
IMDB, never have i seen an imdb so random and awesome .
he is known for doing stunts on thor, spider man, and other
blockbusters like that . but actor.. writer... camera ? producer ??
DIRECTOR ?!? what... why do we even need the crew if he can do
it all ? yeah normally you will see actor/writer/director/producer, a lot
of talent are doing this, most famous being ben affleck and clint eastwood
but you will never see stunt/camera/director/actor . ok maybe jackie
chan, but that's jackie chan :P it just blows my mind that he's done it
all, and here he is at our music video just chillin . every moment i wasn't
shooting i would sit on my ass, legs folded like i was in 2nd grade listening
to the teacher, but that's what it felt like . his stories man... he talked about
moving out at 18 and riding his bike around looking for movie sets . would
ask what they need, like assistant camera or actor or whatever . and he
had 15 bullshit resumes on deck to give out . if he got the job he would go
to the library and just read a book real quick on how to do it and just wing it .
he did that till he became who he is now, he bought a house at 24 years old !!
he talked about all his jobs, saying his favorite was doing stunt work for
a gina davis movie in eastern vietnam . he told me he loved being trapped
in the vacant jungle for two weeks . it's just like, you look at these people
.... jesse johnson, basquiat, jack kerouac, robert duval, helmut lang, that
random guy who tells you he "moved to new york w/ 300$ in my pocket" .
it's these people you know, they have a lust for life, they are reaching the
unreachable star . i looked at his charm and personality and it makes you wonder
have i wasted my whole life . i think about my friends still living in Ventura and i
weep for them, because i feel like i have lived so much since i left . and i have it
pretty good, i'm traveling, no real job but making good money, live alone in my
own loft etc. etc. but i'm not shit compared to these people . i don't have the
effortless grin, the easy way of saying "yeah" and just doing it . he's a constant
reminder to me that i can be better . he really embodies this tom perrotta line from
"little children", -it's the hunger, the hunger for an alternative, and the refusal to accept
a life of unhappiness- i just went overboard but he is special, was definitely my highlight

i took a shitty photo of the dp but he was really young and
cool . i told him that i was really into one of his music videos
he dp'd that a friend showed me (the director did an amazing job
as well you will really like this one i promise <3) anywho a couple days
later he texted me, "hey i knew i recognized you i've been to your
website (madthirsty) and it's cool !" that made me super stoked

this was a great new experience for me . i got to drive around
an old car w/ an alexa camera mounted on the hood w/ police
escorts . damn it was just fun ya know, like being in the movies :)

we had pizza at 3am in the freezing cold, that was our
wrap meal . here is myself w/ the director, mister whitmore .
thank you for having me this truly was an awesome time

i like vertel but he had me fucked up . when he was casting me he
told me, "yeah dude, two day shoot, just a couple of hours" JUST
A COUPLE OF HOURS . first day was 5pm-3am, second day was
8pm-5:30am . could you imagine if i had plans ?? since when is a
"couple of hours" 8 hours + ?!? so to make it up to me he took me to
a spa . so him and i being completely naked in a sauna just looking at
each other was a reward somehow ?? ;) whatever tho cause it was fun





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