shot w/ the amazing director/photographer nick walker . we did this really awesome
shoot w/ snakes, the company that supplied us supplied all the snakes on "snakes on a plane"

ooo look at it's tongue ! ^^ this one wrapped around one of the dudes necks and
started to make a noose, it scared the hell out of me . i have never played w/ so many
different kinds of snakes, it was so crazy the way their tales can grip on to things or
loop around my beltloop three times, or in 10 seconds be completely in a different place .
the weirdest feeling is when they would get inside my shirt, and slowly slither upwards, that was creepy

this has got to be one of the coolest shots of me to date, cannot wait to see the rest ! ^^

this is my cousin nick, he's moving here from florida and i am being a good boy by letting him stay at my place for the time being .
basically he has brought out the 5th grade gamer in me again, we just game all day . here we are in gamestop buying a new one ;)

had lunch w/ my boy aaron, we watched this lady for like 20 min take selfies ^^

looking at her like, yo wtf what are you doing ?!?









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