we're just

emma came down for two days

went out to saigon on fifth at two in the morning, next thing i know
my coworker&skatefriends came in drunk&crazed . giving me suggestive hand gestures
and yelling at everyone . we left but minutes later i was told someone told them to 'shut the fuck up'
and they got in a fight and started flipping tables . kinda wish i stayed...


thanksgiving nite in hollywood

it's so cool being around emma's scene because i get to meet actual photographers and talk w/ them,
learn from them and find out how it works, how they tick & what inspires them and just talking to them face2face which is important .
talking to gitte above and yoris below we were discussing retouching and the false image it gives to the viewer and society .
he looked at me and asked, 'do you use a retoucher ?' . i smiled and thought, i'm the youngest one here & a busboy . here are gitte's photos




i knew i liked emma when she first got in my car . she asked me what i listened too..
i said 'morrissey' she replied "oh yeah? do you have 'that's entertainment' ? it's my fav"
i remember thinking, woah.. you're fucking cool . luv this version, alain whyte just yelling at the end