you should feel what i feel
you should take what i take

i remember when jordan had to leave LA and go back to NY . honestly
i was looking forward to him leaving, for just a little break . because
personally, i like alone time . i've lived alone for over 5 years, i have
morning rituals, and a slow way of life that contrasts jordan . and since
he was basically living w/ me a lot of that went out the window . but now
that it has been so long, i reflect and think, yes finally being mellow
is cool and all, but at the end of the day, would i choose that
over being outside and doing things 24/7 ? hell no . i fully understand now
what Liberace meant when he said, "too much of a good thing is wonderful"

see ya later space cowboy <3

this was such a great nite, i met the legendary DJ honey dijon, who
i now consider a great friend . and i also met these two below, kait and
kona, who i would spend much more time w/ from that nite and on :)

justin said that he liked my shirt and since he was leaving for paris the
next day i told him i would give it to him as a goodbye gift . i brought ten
of these shirts back from the philippines and now i only have 2








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