i did a gig for hautelook and one of the conditions was they were going
to pay for me to get a spray tan a day prior to the shoot . i was feeling
myself so hard like, "take my picture !!" . i never thought i would be a
tanning bed/spray tan guy EVER, but here i am and i'm very down . you
know in actions movies where some guy enters some giant tube in a
secret lab, then they dramatically hit the big red button that reads, "POWER"
or something like that . then this alarm noise does a countdown and then
the tube starts to shake and everyone covers their eyes w/ their arms because
the light is blinding or it might explode, then steams blows out and that
"pppssssssssshh" noise occurs as the guy slowly walks out examining himself,
and all the scientists look at him in awe because the project worked and now he
instantly has super powers ?? that's how you feel when you get a spray tan .
you walk in there like some normal pale loser and instantly 10 min later you are
transformed into a tan sex god and everyone seems to admire you it's awesome .

james styles for them the job so it was cool to work w/ him finally .
he basically got me the job, he told me the clients weren't feeling any
of the models they casted including me . so he sent them images from
my american eagle job and said, "yeah but look how good this guy looks
w/ a spray tan !" so they said yes to me and went for that look . thx boo <3

i was wildin' for 20 minutes then wondered where my partner sterling was .
i go to the alley and he is helping a girl who was ill, crouched up and by herself,
he called a friend from her phone and got her home safe . what a guy :)

sarah !! one of the baddest girls i see out !! HOT ^^




been playing this 1 hour deep house sade mix all week long





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