if you are just tuning in i had a site before this called steezlife,
i exported about 60 boring ass photos that give a jist of that boring ass site,
everything from funny, nice, just friends, photos i like, etc. etc.

first photo i shot

im sorry angie to put you on blast but your fat fucking p.o.s. boyfriend is pathetic,
talking about how i look tacky with my motorcycle helmet, first of all, any guy who says "tacky"
is hardly a guy, same goes for that other insecure mustached pedofile known as kirby. the difference
between you fags and i is you keep your insults hidden and i don't. you are both pussies, don't even look me in the eye but
act like gossip girls. maybe i'm wrong, but last time i checked you're not hard when you're putting butter on popcorn at century 16.

i dedicate mase's speech to you losers.....