these are photos from stephen's 30th birthday at a beautiful house in the hills
w/ an amaze view . my old agent and a friend from highschool were there, small
world . it's crazy that him buying my photo turned us into great friends

my mom always told me to never eat "the last one" and to save it for a
guest . well guess what... mommy wasn't here mwahah #worstbehavior :P

after we went to bootsy bellows . taylor spilled a drink on the couch and
everyone had to get up, even w/ all that awkward pressure the fact that
he looks so good cleaning it up overrides the whole damn thing ^^

these are those guys who are famous on that "Vine" app . the guy w/ the hoodie is the most famous
"prankster" i guess on youtube, he goes by VitalyzdTv and he does funny pranks . i saw a video
yesterday of a friend pranking him as if he is sleeping w/ his mom . it's pretty amusing (video below)


i shot a lookbook for Overall Mastercloth, it's a higher end section of carhartt .
there were these two dogs at the studio that were cool, the little one has
learned to chill w/ it's hind legs on the pitbull and it's ok w/ it . that's sweet :)








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