STUCK in the L.A. groove

blake gave me a ride to l.a. for a test shoot and when we got
out of his appointment we found that his car was towed .

we got it back ;)

'uuuhhh this is the place ?'

the groomer, she hated how dirty my hair was

grant yoshino rips .

this was my favorite photo that we banged out .
grant if you're reading this send it to me you turd !

i had another test a few days later w/ ashley barrett, he rips too . so fun .
i wore only suits and jumped around alot, it was different but i liked it .
also the hair stylist w/ the hat on didn't mind my hair, i think that's what got me crushin

tried to take a picture of the one where i was popping off a champagne bottle, so wild

finally realized that not washing my hair for at least half is year
is getting a little weird . so i washed it and like i thought it was a golden poofball