annalisa is so great, but one time i was kinda bummed
after we went into the jacuzzi she's like, "my clothes are wet
can i wear one of your shirts ?" so she put on my brand new 80$
shirt and she just left w/ it . forever gone so frustrating :/

a stranger couple offered to take some photos of me since i was the
last to jump in . apparently he also took some of his girlfriend ^^
it was a nice suprise to see her on the roll, now she's added to our
fun times and memories . this is why i love film, the surprise :)

i let a friend shoot a short film in my home . when i got back
i noticed the gaffer's tape took the wax off my floor, now there
are arrows everywhere . he tried to brush it off and be like, "oh hey
dude it cleaned the floors" i'm like no you fucked them up don't play me !

michelle was like, "i'm going to bring my stripper pole ;)"
i was like ok completely unaware that it wouldn't come
close to reaching my fifteen foot plus loft ceilings... oh well

this girl is so adorable . i did a shoot w/ a friend and she styled it .
i was in her room reading her post it notes on the wall and the one that
is faintly readable on the bottom right says, "you will regret that PIZZA !"
i swear as soon as i finished reading i hear a "ding dong" . she's like, "oh yeah
that must be the pizza i ordered" . just so many gems like her in this world,
w/ their desires to be better, but in their ways that are hidden and secret .
she had another one that said, "talk to people" . low key i fell in love w/ her <3

did a job for style bop . i've worked w/ beautiful kristin (left) and sweet
lily (right) before so it was cool . it was so easy, they dressed me
like some young republican bitch ass and he shot me first while
lily and everyone just hung out and i left after like 3 hours . ohh yeah ;)








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