"Leave Me Alone!"

this is the girl that has been stuck at my hip for the last 4 months .
the one that right when we met, i knew i would be her pet . what drew
me into her at that seedy, humid afterparty in the bunker was her dance moves .
she owns it, she's incredible . you may think that you're good, you have some
cute little moves and expressions.. no . sulem is the best that i've ever seen,
and that is SO sexy 2 me . she moves so amazing that women stop and
just stand or even sit to just watch her, i've seen it multiple times . from that
nite we kind've became inseparable, spending long days and nites that
blended into even longer days if that makes any sense ;) i remember that first
nite i asked her, "so where do you like to go out ?" she told me her favorite
place was G's . i was blown away, i've never met one person that likes going
there . but i've never seen her ! turns out she has been going every week
in the timespan of the 10 months that i have been banned . and through the powers
of sulem she got me back in there and my saturday nites could not be more
complete <3 people would always ask if she was my girlfriend . they ask
because they see us by each others side 24/7 . but what they didn't see was
the inner dynamic, the, "wanna be my partner ?" - "no but i also don't want to
see you w/ anyone else in front of me" . this is where the ego comes in, we walked
on eggshells and created silly rules to make a friendship work that just wasn't
destined to last in the parameters of a friendship . how many friendships have
public meltdowns in tears on the dancefloor ?? i know that relationships come
and go like clouds, and boy do i have a LOT to learn if i want to understand how
to keep them, romantic or not . i am going to disappoint all my friends who
text me, "you bringing Su out tonite ?!" because they like her presence more
than any other girl i have brought around . and as i check her instagram and notice
the 6 or 7 photos she posted of us that are deleted and the no response to my text,
"hey i'm posting your entry tonite do you want to review it before put it up ?"
i realize i have to FINALLY grant her wish, the one she would say when we
couldn't agree on a movie on hbo or when i told her i didn't want to eat anymore
chinese food... "Leave Me Alone !" :) :) :) till i see you dancing again baby Su <3



our 3 songs :)




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