i love going to what i call "rich man parties" because the items that we use in life
to turn up flow like water and are just as free ;) i saw a little plastic bag on the counter
and immediately thought "free blow !" . it's super shady but as soon as i spotted it i hid it
under a bottle, then inch by inch snuck it closer into my pocket until finally i had it . then i told my
friends, "look what i got" but when i looked in the damn thing it was just little bag of replacement
christmas lights !! we all had a good laugh and it was god's prank on me for being a little klepto

end of the nite brown hair crew group photo ^^

i took remi and michelle to the pacsun party that asap rocky performed at .
the execs were stressing us how we only had plus 1's and i was super nervous how
i was going to get michelle in and even told her to say her name was "xian mikol"
because that's one of the models w/ an asian name :P (don't hate me xian i heard you
weren't going !) . but the for a minute they just let a mob in of people so it ended up working out .
it was at the moca downtown so you got to go thru the gallery before the show it was fun .

michelle touching what i call remi's "super outie" ^^

this is from a few weeks ago from remi's birthday, i managed to get him and his four roomates in
the club, vip bracelets, and free vodka all nite . i came thru ! thank u bootsy bellows (best club in LA)









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