i can smell the columbine

my roomate's girl he met off of okcupid.com, not feeling her 'model face' tho

hung out w/ my sis for a day, we were so dissapointed in ikea's breakfast burrito .
i told her they used recycled old swedish guy flesh for the tortilla, ugh....

she likes sweets tho

on the train home watching gran torino, hearing bitter racist clint eastwood say 'fish head' and 'dragon girl'
over and over . turn around to the most racial stereotype there is, this girl tells me she was just at her cousins party that
was catered by louisiana fried chicken . couldn't stop smiling at her . thought it was a weird coincidence, just sayin.....


i went to get water at lunch by myself and when i got back there was
a card that said, 'sarah conrique - genius', that's it . tracked her down
and when we hung out she showed up in a morrissey shirt and told me that
richard avedon was her favorite photographer.... wow .



skip to 2:10, so smooth

love cass mccombs song in this one