katherine w/ nick and friends . he's so talented, i think he's gonna be huge .
i think musically he's the best to come out of ventura county ever, i'm backing that 100%

aj was there dj'ing . i fan'd out on him so hard, i think he has one of the best modeling careers .
everything cool that i like he's in it, ryan mcginley 4 levi's, native sons, heidi slimane... so jealous !

charan invited me out, complete w/ same outfit from last time i saw him, so cool .

it was his birthday party on the left

of course......

jeffrey stayed over in s.d.
god i don't know how i let it get to this below....

we went to embarc to skate but instead played ball . nobu hit the winning shot
and ripped off his shirt, i was so jealous, it's the best feeling ever . example below...
years after i'm still siked i did this trick

my biggest fan