"you moved here alone and
you live alone . i think i see
sadness behind your eyes"

had an amazing nite out w/ bambi, dan & friends <3

dan said i can get in for free on "DJ Kaos's list" . he's the guy above
on the left . when i was leaving w/ my friends i saw him standing outside
the venue . i rolled down my window to thank him for letting me be one of his
guests . he looked at me and said, "it's all good man, i have an uber you can go"
which clearly showed me he had no clue what i said . i was listening to music
a few days later and realized he made one of my favorite songs this year .
so many DJ "this" and DJ "that" names that i guess i just forgot . i wish i was
able to tell him how much i enjoyed it :/ listen at the very bottom of this page

i went to work in SF for 3 nites and i only took two photos .
one of the computer screen and one of when i took myself
out to dinner because i was so bored . "table for one please" .
but great story before that actually, i went for a quick stop at
wasteland to buy some clothes perhaps . if you aren't familiar w/
wasteland, it is a small chain of stores that you can sell your clothes
to and they resell, similar to a goodwill but a little more high end .
i have this tacky habit of sometimes inspecting the pockets, my train
of thought is, if someone is buying prada or givenchy in the first place, they
obviously have money to spend carelessly . therefore w/ that careful attitude
in mind i'm thinking they may have left some money or something in a
pocket, who knows ? anyways i found a 50$ in a balmain jacket !
so i felt like the dinner i treated myself to afterwards was kinda free ;)

black madonna and mike servito, an absolute epic pair <3


DJ KAOS - Love the Night Away





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