got to do a commercial for target, it was cool because
it was my first commercial that was shot in a studio

picture came out blurry but this is the hairstylist
from my first big job, the levis gig . photo here

my two main people right here ^^

6 am calltime in longbeach means everyone is still trying to sleep

all the guys were straight gaga over this girl, myself included .
10 out of 10 looks & 10 out of 10 personality W/ an australian accent...

her best pocahontas impression ^^

plastic shoes to keep the set clean ^^

after lunch everyone got to go home except for me . i had to film my scene completely different .
they scraped the whole set and replaced w/ a platform and put a huge green screen behind it to add in .

this was the director, patrick daughters . he was so cool, i told him he had this cool demeanor and style,
similiar to jim jarmusch, even before i found out he was the director, and they both went to NYU (coincidence) .
i went home and googled him and saw he did my FAVORITE music video . couldn't believe it, so cool . backing this guy

video here





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