dad bought us tasty treats at the grove

this guy is so l.a. ......

nobs introduced me to his designer friends, ayumi on the left
designed shirts they wore in lady gaga's video 'judas' . i luvd it . a friend posted
it on facebook and besides the dancing i think it's one of the best music videos ever .

i thought this guy looked familiar and it turns out we are on the same modeling agency .
he still has makeup from acting in a selena gomez music video, where he was driving a cadillac in space .

i met anthony at a casting and now he's my dude . i tried to continue
to hang out after dinner but he told me to 'go home', we were laughing so hard .
all his texts have 3 dots (...) scattered just everywhere it's so cool .

crashed at jeffrey's house, we were gonna shoot the next day .

on another gig for levi's, this one is all studio

ari and remi are back too

hi mom

i'm pretty into this guy, he styled the shoot, did the hair and make-up, shot it, and retouched it .
i think that is really fucking incredible, really good . i want to be like that .
we've never met and he let me just crash at his house, too fucking cool .
jeffrey baum jeffrey baum jeffrey baum jeffrey baum jeffrey baum