where to start on tay tay . i will tell you how i first met him.. when i started
modeling my runway agent got me this job on a tv show on NBC called "fashion
star" . i was excited because at that point i have never been on tv, i worked for
2 days on the finale episode . there was a model room where everyone hung out,
i tried to lay down and someone was like, "that's jennifer's spot" . i was like wtf is
this "mean girls" ?? . everyone was so cliqued up and wack, that lunch i said
fuck it and just sat by myself . taylor sat down w/ me and started a conversation
and the rest is history . that's why you only see me hang out w/ remi and tay,
cause every LA model thinks they are hot shit but news flash, no one cares about
us !! ok now i'm trailing off, back to taylor... he's just THAT dude . this guy has his
life together, full schedules everyday . he goes to UCLA fulltime, goes on auditions,
model castings, he works art department, also catering, he's just surviving so hard
how can i not be impressed ? he was on the verge of a major breakout role on a
network show, 1 audition turned into a callback turned into studio session turned
into producer / director sessions . he was about to go to north carolina for 6 months
but he came in second place, if you do not understand the industry you cannot
know how major and heartbreaking that is, to be so close to stardom . he barely
cared, didn't cry or complain, not to me anyways . a lot of this post is club heavy,
and that doesn't really paint the true portrait of him because he is so much more
but whatever . we used to go out and see how many girls we could kiss, but he
slays me everytime . i ask, "hey she was really cute did you get her number ??"
he would just smile and shake his head . he just doesn't care, i guess it's not
really what he thinks about at this point, which is unusual for a handsome lady
killer 22 year old . he's got his eyes on the prize, give or take 3-5 years i think
everyone will know his name . i can go on and on but i will save some stories
for his next post . this photos span over 6 months i think . - to my buddy tay <3 -

the taylor and jesse signature, when we go out we just
open a GQ or details mag and use the cologne samples

another signature, this one taught to us by michael rose . the
abbey is the top grossing bar in america, so as you can assume
the parking is obviously very harsh . but there is a retail spot that has
poles outside to stop cars, but all you gotta do pull them up to remove them,
u can park all nite and have your own VIP spot . no tickets, no hassle ! :P

i told taylor to take a picture of me to show that i am maybe the
first person to wear shorts to the club, leather shorts at that .
he can do many things, but compose a shot on a simple camera ? nope

^^ this is the only shot taylor took in here but it's gold . one nite after the
club we went to an after party and there was this drunk girl that fell even
though she was already barefoot, her friend tried to help her up but
instead she kept drinking . oh the life of a young over privileged white girl...




this song fucking sucks but somehow we always sing it, i think it's
because we have watched tons of vine compilations on world star ;)





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