walk in this bitch with the new Wang,
i'm looking like Liu Kang

had a full day at the beach w/ these awesome people, taylor, erin & quest

after we chilled at the beverly center and ate fro-yo, perfect ending to a perfect day

this is graham dunn, i loved shooting w/ this guy . he has the best energy ever
and just get's the models going ! he shoots film and digital at the same time and
it's cool because i also get to learn from him on set . i'm always bugging him w/
questions about what he's doing and stuff . but he seems like he doesn't mind, i like that :P
he truly is talented, here is his site www.grahamdunnphoto.com

the amazing jeffrey baum on makeup, if you look at earlier posts on my
site i used to spend the night at his house when i still lived in san diego
and he was a photographer then . now he's primarily make-up, pretty rare but cool

okay seriously how gorgeous are both these girls ?! and the best part is they are just as
hot inside as out, the sweetest girls ever . maybe cause they are both australian ? i have noticed
that all the australian girls i have interacted w/ in LA are really happy and fun and cool, hmmmm .
definitely want to work w/ them again







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