i met peary on runyon canyon . we ended up hiking the mountain
togther and after she asked, "so waht are you gonna do now ?" a
couple of times i could just tell she wanted to hang more . so i
invited her to my house where she ate cold ribs out of the fridge and
just talked for a bit . she moved here a month ago from Thailand and
is just trying to find her passion she told me...


that nite she texted me, "since we don't have anyone for valentines
day i thought we could hang out and i can make thai food" . when i first
read it i had a look on my face but that's because i'm from california .
we don't really put ourselves out there like that, it is way to vulnerable
to ask a stranger to spend time w/ you because you are alone, we are
too shielded i think for that . so i thought that was really sweet, and so we
did :) she made mango sticky rice and it was just a nice moment between
two completely different and foreign strangers, a true Woody Allen story <3

ok... fuck this guy ;) ^^ tay and i were at this pool party and this
guy kept splashing me . i had a prima donna moment and told him
not to splash me because i didn't want to get my hair wet... (yeah i
know) he kept doing it anyway . after a while he was already out of
the pool and dressed and as i was finally getting out he decided to
push me back in . i had a little Bart Simpson moment and was like
hell no . i grapped his arm and took him in w/ me !! he got out and was
GET INTO AN UBER SOAKING WET ?!?!" hahahah so naturally
i had to get a couple photos of and w/ him just 4 the memory :)

see ... girls AND guys both spend the nite :)

ran into Jeremy the next nite after he stayed over . andy, jeremy, and
miles and i met at a party and miles' cousin knew the person throwing it .
we walked in and didn't know anyone and we saw that is was catered so
we just went there . i said, "guys we can't just go straight for the food
we have to mingle first so it will be cool" andy just looked at me and
was like, "no we don't . look at all this food, it's late and no one is eating
anymore" . i smiled and just went for it, we crowded around the table
and just ate everything together . one time i brought this girl to a party
and she was being really annoying and talking about this party she was
at before and andy just looked at her and said, "sounds fun maybe you
should go back there" . that's why i love him, he just has that cool factor

max came over and we skated around and talked about
comic books . then Luna and Laura called me drunk and asked
to come over . naturally i said no because him and i were
not hype that nite but they insisted . they came in and started
blasting rap music and dancing . we asked them which of them
danced better hoping they would have a competition which they did .
max and i had our phones out recording like kids just having a ball

skinned knees and hours later they asked to put
on a movie . after the first scene i turn around and
they fell asleep EXACTLY like this (below) . LMAO

this was a saturday nite . cuba and i spent it at the chateau
on a couch w/ michael for over FIVE/SIX hours . we just hung
around and talked and listened to him for that long on a saturday
nite . also, and this is SO important, i believe that michael is the best
dressed actor out right now :) cuba got up to meet some friends and i
told him i listen to his voice everyday . he's replied, "excuse me ??"
i explained because i watch the trailer for terrence malick's Knight of Cups
everyday which he speaks in, we had a laugh over it . we looked
around and realized we were the last table, and on oscar weekend !
(photo below) i have never been there to witness all empty tables .
next thing you know we look at the clock and see it's 3am so we all went
home . cuba texted me in the morning, "how great was last nite ??" <3








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