i did a shoot w/ this beautiful young man . we both had to wear wigs for the
editorial . he looked like an amazing Ziggy Stardust and somehow i looked
like Velma from Scooby Doo, not cool :/ anyways he had a third nipple which
was actually really cool, like he actually had a nipple not just an areola ^^

can you be any more comfier ?! i think NOT

my brother taylor had his 24th birthday in malibu at a resort . we all
went horseback riding, had dinner, then stayed the nite . he is turning
into such a proper man so quickly i love it and am so proud of him <3

i had the chillest day of work w/ my pacsun bros . they rented a house
on airbnb and we just took pictures around the place . we ordered lunch
and the employee told us it would take an hour and a half for delivery . so
jay goes, "well the light is bad right now so let's just wait" . so the three of us
melted into the couch and watched reality TV till the food came, then watched
another hour after it came . we banged the job out but it did not feel like work :)

this girl erika <3 you know in life i feel like a lot of us have that
little crush that we interact w/ . the person who works at your local
starbucks that you always make sure to smile to, the person at the
gym that you make a point to make eye contact w/ etc . this is the crush
that isn't something you think about constantly but definitely when they
are in your presence it is there . mine has been this girl who works at
a retail store connected to my local coffee shop i go to every other day .
sulem and i would be sitting there drinking tea and i would say, "there
she is !" . i think because she fit my dream criteria, very cute, dark hair,
subtle, quiet, and dressed amazingly . i guess like a girl in a french movie,
a kind of innocence . these are observations of course without me ever
meeting this person . so one day, i thought fuck it and i went in there and
started talking to her . after about 5 minutes i remember saying exactly,
"so what's up can i take you on a date sometime ?" . and me, i never have
put myself out there like that, i guess i'm pretty shy so this was a lot for me .
but she smiled and said, "i'd love to" . wow... i will never forget how that made
me feel <3 to me that was the greatest start to any romance story ever .
the greatest thing about asking a complete stranger out is not knowing anything
about them and starting from complete scratch . i also think this is the worst thing
too because you are going off of what you imagine them to be like, off of just
how you view them from far away, which doesnt match your made up expectation .
so i really wanted this to be an epic story but at the end of the day we were
just two different people :/ still very happy this happened tho, more fuel 4 life .
everybody's been burned before, and everybody knows the pain . i still
want to dream the impossible dream, and reach for the unreachable star .
scars to me say, "i tried" . and life without trying is fucking lame right ?? :)








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