i went to an FYF after party at charlie's house . and in the next
coming weeks i seemed to end up there very often . he is young and
very successful and loves fashion . he has almost every pair/colorway of
common projects shoes and balmain leather jackets (below) . so particular

loved this guy's sandro shirt ^^ i swear i have made at least
three friends by going up to them and saying, "yo is that sandro ?"
because i know their whole collection every season . anyways he's fly

the guy who ubered us to a party (click) like 3 months ago and then
stopped working to party w/ us was randomly at the party as well

i think because of kanye and people following like ASAP rocky
fashion is becoming more acceptable in hip hop / rap . but man
i just think the trends that they do is so interesting, like i noticed
leather details on t-shirts and whatever is really popular . love this guy's
outfit ^^ 92 degrees but he just HAD to show off this blazer w/ the leather
trim, his crew thinks they are so fly i love it, i'm not hatin tho

the flash on my camera ruined the shot but it is supposed to
be taylor in front of himself on the tv show, "young and hungry" .
look at all his friends that showed up to the little premier we had :) :)
i recall the first time i met taylor, i did the season finale for this show
called, "fashion star" . by that point everyone was all cliqued up so by
the time i got there people were kinda whatever to me . i was new to
modeling so assumed that's how it was gonna be so at lunch time i
just sat by myself . that's when taylor came and introduced himself
and sat w/ me . and from that act of kindness blossomed 4 years of
one of the best relationships i have ever had . he's been w/ me through all
of my phases, when i first moved here and was obsessed w/ girls, when i had
relationships, when i was broke/not broke, when i would call him every weekend
and ask him to go to bootsy bellows w/ me . so much can change in 4 years
in your early twenties, what you think is fun, what you wanna do, how
you dress and who you want to spend time w/ . but through all these things,
taylor has been there . he is like my brother at this point, and it's so exciting
to see him turn into the superstar he is so determined to become . i remember
when someone asked him, "what if acting doesn't work out for you ?"
taylor replied sternly, "failure isn't an option" . boy is that the truth.. <3

back under my favorite disco ball once again...

.. w/ one of coolest people i've met through modeling jamie wise .
i hate that i look wired/high as hell in every photo :/
it's my big red eyes, when i wake up BOOM red eyes,
8 hours later BOOM red again . when i was younger i used to wake
up and rub my palm against my eyes like kids do and i broke some
blood vessels in my left eye due to doing it to hard . so occasionally
people are like, "dude you are so high huh ??" it's sad and annoying

after sulem and i met up w/ charlie and went to an after hour
party . i saw this guy the night before dj'ing, he's from vienna
but i forget his name . here's the story.. i was at a wack ass party
that i was invited to by a stranger kinda that i met at giorgio's . another
friend of her's came and said we should go somewhere else but at
that point i was very skeptical because the place we were at curently
was awful but i thought ynot . so we arrive at the "marionette theatre"
(random) and the lights were on, and maybe about 40 people dancing,
i recognized nobody, "sexual healing" was playing and there was Moby,
sweating through a grey t-shirt dancing uniquely . it was his birthday
party, and just observing him was something else . a friend ran up to
take a selfie w/ him, he looked nervous . another lady walked up to him
w/ open arms for a hug and i SWEAR ON EVERYTHING he hid behind his
friend to use as a shield . it was amazing to watch, because i could never
imagine that a celebrity could have social anxiety THAT bad, now i don't know
if that is a too harsh word and i don't know him but i just couldn't believe he
was acting like that, it was incredible . it goes to show you that everyone is
simply a human being w/ human characteristics and that fame or whatever
position someone is in can't erase sometimes who they are innately . and
moments later, he walked off in his plain grey t-shirt into the night alone, from
his own birthday, when there was still about 30-40 people left... WOW . i wish i
took some pics but i didn't want to be that guy who doesn't know him and is
there snapping photos, you'll just have to take my word on this . just interesting

... anyways back to saturday night, a beautiful girl we met named
helena joined us as we headed back to charlies where we all just relaxed

everyone passed out on the bed but i was restless as i usually am
at late hours like that . so i sat on the porch and watched the sunrise
and ubered home alone thinking about how much fun i had that night but also
how all these nights are starting to blend together, and that i have seen
the sun rise more times this year than every year in my life combined

cut to next saturday, sulem looking INCREDIBLE . dropped my phone
in the toilet (before i used it !) and immediately put it in rice . this
trick did nothing for me, so i was phoneless for the weekend . felt cool

ended up at charlie's once again, ubered home while the sun
barely peaked over the mountains lighting sulem's face softly .
she gives me a slight smile that i interpret as a silent notion,
an understanding of how we feel about eachother,
very present








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