i started saying, "shame on you" as a
joke but it has turned into something real

i was looking at this photo wondering where that shirt is . minji is
at this point w/ me where she does not take me seriously at all . one nite
she walked out w/ that shirt and a really nice kenzo sweater of mine . i told
her she couldn't or at least she'd have to buy it from me . she just laughed
and walked away, but then again i do it too . this evening she showed up
at my place 45 min late and i started complaining on how i waited for
her to come so i could cook and now i'm starving . i completely guilted her
into buying dinner for me ;) she's gullible but one of a kind <3

valentina taught me that it's ok to eat the snacks
off the shelf before you buy, nobody really cares


ghana is a wild one, i remember when i first saw her on a commercial
for myspace 3 years ago . within 3 minutes of meeting her she insisted
on riding on my shoulders for whatever reason . after i took these photos
i turned around and saw people on the dance floor looking so shocked
as if someone just died . she's just an amazing, wild girl that doesn't care
what people think at all . it's that certain quality that always draws people in

ending this entry w/ the lovely kona cooking up some pasta <3









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