these are photos from todd's birthday, we started at the abbey and
then miles and andy met up w/ us so we went to bootsy . then after they
closed we went back to my house to keep it going in the jacuzzi

my website is all flash pictures at nighttime now . it's starting to look
like a party blog which is kinda lame . but the thing is, i don't do anything
fun until after 6pm . no one wants to come to me all the way downtown and i
don't want to drive to them either . so all i do during the day is eat and play video games,
sometimes read and spend a depressing number of hours on the computer

it's so dark in the club and i'm sometimes turnt up so i don't know what a lot of the
random faces will turn out to be when i develop the photos, that's what makes it
enjoyable :) but when i got this one back i was like, "oh that's david arquette" ^^

^^ ... and that's what loves looks like <3 <3 <3

i took a shower and was hoping i would come out to this interesting situation but all i got was the next photo ...

and this text followed in the morning ....

things left in the aftermath, two mismatched socks, underwear, eyelashes,
todd's passport and a bootsy photobooth pic filled w/ people we don't know

my beautiful mother and stepdad, i took them out to lunch at
wherever they wanted to go . they said "outback steakhouse",
i smiled inside :) but that place is actually really tasty :P

these are photos from andrea's birthday at "next door lounge" .
you had to give a password to get in, which was "incognito" . it was really
fancy they wouldn't let my friend wear his baseball cap inside and
he threw a little hissy fit about his hair not being cool it was hysterical, he is
a grown man btw . ohhh only things you will experience in lovely LA ...








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