after rob and i hit some balls at this amazing golf range in k-town
he took me to this jamaican food spot in the hood . i was staring at his
ad above in awww... like wtf ?!?! just look at it, it makes zero sense, worst
ad ever !! what company ? carnival, princess etc. ?? how do we contact you to
get a ticket ? and why is the cruise ship photo just a random jpg ?! rob told
me the best part is that that ad has been up for years LMAO . i'm so weird
i've been thinking of going back to not only have more delish food but to
inquire about the party cruise and ACTUALLY see what the worker will say ;)

grant and i did a little job for d'blanc glasses, he photo'd me skating
in 90 degree weather wearing all black . just looking at this makes me sweat

went to laguna w/ dee, i'm laughing as i'm typing this because the photo on
the right is making me LOL . i told her not to look back for the photo but look
how massive that wave is behind her haha ! it totally knocked her on
her ass, hair soaked and all . waves were large and beautiful that day

we were toasted and had low energy but still we managed to take the
metro to hollywood to see the legendary james st. james at an art opening
at "World of Wonder" gallery . he was glamorous and larger than life as always :)

went out friday and saturday but only took these two photos
throughout the entire weekend . must have been uninspired idk...
anywho this girl ^^ went up to me on the dancefloor sat nite and
was interested . we started kissing and then she invited me back to
her room at the hotel . i thought ynot since i was already there i just
wanted to see if she had anything interesting up her sleeve since she
was a bit older (experience) . we got back and she showed me photos of
her son and told me she was married . she told me to not get married
if i wasn't in love... "woah" i thought . suddenly the air thickened and it all
felt so desperate and bad, it was heavy, very depressing so i left minutes later .
in my head i'm like, "i'm not that guy, i'm not gonna be that guy" . am i just
supposed to fuck while i have this image of her innocent little blonde hair
blue eyed boy and husband at home ?! hell no . life can be interesting
with moments like this . as bad as it is to say i think the jesse years
ago would have been into the idea because of it . but now i'm not, maybe i'm
growing up, i have no idea . but i do remember driving home and thinking
about how what she was doing or feeling after i left and it made me sad








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