this is the last pic from coachella . trevor is a legend, he
left his shoes in our car but he didn't call or text about them .
he just ended coachella weekend barefoot and didn't care i guess

james and minji were mad at me so they teamed up and
left me there in the alley all by myself... screw you guys

this is at a cool little job i did for calvein klein . i showed up
and the guys who were doing craft service also own and work at my
coffee shop that i go to everyday . it was a cool surprise because
they got to see me in my workplace for once . i had no idea that the
owner did this kind of work too . he told me he works just enough hours to be
in the union so he can have health benefits for his son . you gotta luv that <3

DJ and i tried to take our robes home, but
they took them back from our bags hah :P

this was on my birthday, we had dinner, played games at dave
and busters and then saw nora en pure play at sound . what a nice nite





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