say friends catch the wave, catch the love wave
give it up, catch the wave, catch the love wave

i posted a photo on instagram and some friends texted me, "are you
here ??" everyone was in tulum for some reason . massimo, brad and
crew, and i saw at least 5 other friends just at bars or around, so fun

after dinner that night we tried to go to a club but it was a private
party that nite and they weren't letting anyone in . brad and i walked
away thinking we were gonna call it a nite but this guy (above) said to us,
"hey are you trying to sneak in ?" we naturally just reply "YES" . so we go
to the hotel next to this one and sneak through to the beach, once we get
there we walk along the beach and enter the party from there casually
undetected . honestly by now it's definitely official, australians (the couple)
are the best people in the world . something about them, they are just really kind
and want to help everyone out :) getting into the party was more rewarding than
being there . when i left there was about a hundred frustrated people waiting
outside exactly like they do in LA and i couldn't help but feel cool for getting in ;)

right when the job ended and everyone was flying back that morning
minji arrived after buying a 1 way ticket and a 10 hour layover . so
her and i stayed an additional 4 days and continued the amazing times <3

minji and i were hanging out at gitano's and she met this amazing man
named gabor . he invited us to an underground party at a lake that
went till 6am . he was a wild boy and we couldn't make it till the end

this bathroom attendant liked gabor's "venice beach, CA" hat so he gave
it to him . this photo is a week later from that and he's still wearing it, i love that

this peruvian boy caught a fish on the beach and gave it to Minji
and i . so FUCKING ADORABLE . even tho he came back a minute later
and said he meant to give it to the people working at the beach, oh well ;)










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