two nites and one
day w/ Alessio

after a long nite james has to break into his own home SMH

alessio came and saw me for two days . we went rock climbing and were
invited to dinner after . we were wanting to eat a normal meal but when we
showed up it was a trendy restaurant where there was a doorguy who didn't
let us in (lol LA is SO wack sometimes) . they were playing house music
and the volume was turned up to that of a nightclub . we approach the table
and it was a "model dinner" . for those of you that don't know what that is it's
when there are 10-15 girl models sitting at a table (barely) eating tapas at
a dinner paid for by the promoters who will take them out to a club afterwards .
it's a whole thing... anyways then we were invited to 1OAK and i wanted to go
just to show alessio what it was like . the whole time he was looking around like
"where am i ? what's going on ?" and that alone made the whole thing worth it ;)

i loved this russian girl tho . she had a lot of energy and worked my
camera so hard, after every shot she would stare at me and say, "another
one" i LIVED for that . two days later she took off for china .. BYE felicia

next nite we went to the milk studios party at the cheateau . one of
the best parties i've been to in a minute, i had a great time w/ many
friends . and the russian girl was there as well, now w/ a ponytail <3

we left and went downtown . this photo is trevor and alessio
looking at each other like, "why did we leave the best party to
come to joe jonas's ugly sweater party to hang w/ a bunch of
disney people ? this shit sucks and we are idiots" the saving grace
was there was a little snow hill w/ sleds that was set up . we fucked
around on that for 15 min before we grew tired of it and then we left

trevor literally fell asleep like this . goodnite :P








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