was cool . a lady came in my work and really shaped 2011 for me . we dated, she took me all around, everything was new . showed me new places,
new things and new people, had great times w/ her and horrible times . when cops get called over something that's when you know
it's done . still love her and thank her 4 EVERYTHING . most of the poeple i met in this post is thru modeling, what a werid&fun job .
completely different lifestyle now, live by myself in a loft in downtown LA and play games all day . every year i make resolutions and
think its going to blowout the year that past but it really never does . it was fun though, hopefully next year too !

these were my last ten new year resolutions + 7 new ones .
got weak and didn't do most ;( want to do more + the ones i didn't make in 2010 too :)

20+11 photos from 2011

last years post here



you're still the same (me too)

best song of 2011




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