was good, been in a new city by myself for a year for the first time .
had no friends, played wow from sun-up to sun-down . went into debt . lost love/gained love . shot guns for the first time .
got my favorite job yet . shot w/ one of the most renowned photographers in the world . was dumped for a girl . not much happened, this year was aight .
couldn't go to sleep cause i was thinking about what's going to happen this year, don't think there will be any comparison .


it's here and i like it

20+10 photos from 2010


crazed girl on left w/ beer and champagne was
last new year's kiss, this year i was supposed to be one of 2000 invited
guests seeing jay-z w/ coldplay in vegas . but instead i had to work

fell in love the nite that i moved

tijuana brothel

every photo of her is my fav .
been in love w/ her since i was 17, i remember when she dumped me thru a text
i woke up the next morning feeling like i was on planet earth for the first time

picture above and below are my favorite that i took this year

played a show

this ass changed my life




these are for the special ones who have come and gone