just a great wednesday nite out w/ some friends at dave and busters .
after we walked a couple blocks away and ended it at the spare room .
sterling had a beautiful friend i met that nite and by coincidence i saw
her at the aiport only two days later . i kept shouting, "rebecca !" and she
didn't turn but so i called sterling and he told me that wasn't her name :/

i got to the aiport for my flight for a job in vegas only to discover
that the flight was delayed by three hours . so this day i learned a
great lesson which i am passing on to you, check the status of your
flight before you leave home . other passengers told me they already knew
that morning . i never think to do that but now i definitely will . so i arrive in
my hotel room at 2:30am and miles is passed out . we have to be ready in
the lobby at 6am so basically i was just totally fucked . lesson learned :)

we thought this photo would be sick haha we are so wack ^

the producer asked us guys out for dinner so cody and i just naturally
assumed she had a thing for us . again, we were so corny we even played
rock-paper-scissors to see who would sit shotgun w/ her (god we are lame) .
the next nite we planned to gamble and hit the town but she texted me that
her uncle died so she couldn't meet me . a part of me thought she was just
saying that to get out of it . if her uncle did die then i'm the worst human ever srry

a lady in the building over was selling this gorgeous table for 30$ .
stevie and i went to get it but realized we had no tools to break it down
and not enough strength to carry it . so we went to the street to regroup
and i saw this kid asking people for 50 cents . when he went up to me i told
him no, but if he helps me move this table i would pay him . this guy and his
little arms had more power than stevie and i combined . i listened to his story
which was that he moved here from utah to live and work and kind of got
caught up on the streets and became comfortable . i saw a little of myself
in him, not so much being without a home and doing drugs, but more of
how you can lose yourself in LA . how you have expectations and you visualize
doing something here but after a while you wander down a different path .
i gave him 6$ and he walked away w/ a skip in his step, i still wonder how he is .

mariah had her birthday at her friends house who is an actor .
his "office" contained movie posters of everything he has been in
and many photos of himself w/ other celebrities . again, LA is a
strange, strange place... still finding out what exactly is behind its veil





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