this is cassandra, we met when we were both in 5th grade . we really
liked each other and i remember how i would flirt w/ her by passing her the
ball over and over when we played basketball, i guess that was my signal
of affection <3 anywho over a decade later and she lives two blocks from me
in downtown LA . we hung out when i modeled for her boyfriend's brand abstraxx

watched my "club god" simha do a duet w/ this guy at the house of blues . only one
song she sang opera, but it was the first time i've heard her do it live and it made me
feel some type of way . after we all went to bootsy bellows for some party&bullshit

i skyped for 2 hours w/ my german bb, ahh young luv <3

this guy looks like the dos equis "most interesting man in the world" guy but
in 10 years or so . obviously his girl would be way hotter, i didn't even want
her in this photo . watching him w/ his slow dance moves was a cute sight

shot for urban outfitters . that was cool because i've always wanted
to be in one of their cool lookbooks where they go to exotic locations .
but we went to a basketball court in laguna beach... not so exotic . only me and
torian were models, all the other kids were just street casted which was cool

THIS guy... i'm about to rant ok . first of all for the shoot we were playing
basketball, the guy on the right broke his leg right before the shoot and
i think he didn't tell urban because he wanted to do the job ? which is kinda
fucked for them . this is him laying on the clients bed w/ his clothes on and
his trash bag cast elevated over their pillow, yes... trash bag cast . basically
on this planet existing isn't enough, i feel like you have to follow the unspoken
rules of humanity, that leaves pleasantry and peace in your wake . i try to follow
that path, the way of grace . he does not, not only does he not, he seems to be anti
that, but i don't even know if it's intentional ?! he's like, "i'm gonna put my foot here",
"can i smoke in the car ?", "can i roll a joint in the room ?" the most obnoxious
moment to me and EVERYONE is when he took it upon himself to sit shotgun
in the van (that took us to the location), plug the audio cord into his phone, and not
only solely decide what we ALL have to listen to but he was BLASTING punk and
underground rap . you could not pay me to do that, it was insane how not self aware
he was being . and then i turned it down, almost as if i'm the silent hero for all of us .
but then 1 min later he'd change the song and just turn it back up, it was madness...

i low-key had a huge crush on this makeup artist . she told me her favorite photographer
was Alasdair Mclellan . i replied, "that's mine too !" and she's like, "nooooo wayyyy"
and put her hand on my thigh :P then she typed a message on her phone about
how annoying the guy was in the van so we could take shit silently basically ;)

everybody was eating pizza 4 lunch but i was on the mastercleanse ;(

i liked working w/ this photographer because out of everyone i've
ever worked w/ my style was most like his . so we got to talk about
our favorites and he gave me a lot of tips which was nice :)

it's funny tho because i photographed this dude more than anyone .
he was kind of beautiful in his way, i'm not going to romanticize
who he is or how he is because i cannot stand him but i think it's
human nature to be drawn to people who are crazy or do things to
get our attention . that's why we love crap tv and that's why miley cyrus is
the most relevant celebrity, because she does more attention grabbing things
than anyone else . we love to hate them and we love to talk about them . this
oscar wilde quote has stuck w/ me forever and it is so beautifully simple,
"the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about"








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