did a very cool editorial w/ a great team, it was a deception/cool/thriller story about john f kennedy and his 2 bad bitches .
grant yoshino shot it, todd pearce/karsen rich styled it, bobby elliot did hair, and anthony hnguyen on makeup .
models were wannessa, sasha and i . awesome ideas from everyone, took 12 hours but i had a great time :)

bobby was the wig master !! he spent so much time on these as
if there were real human beings attached, look at the finesse :)

todd has that DUI thing where you have to breathe into it to start your car, it makes you blow
into it every 15 min or so, shit is always beeping it's so annoying . it's funny he was the first person
i've seen w/ this but i actually have three friends that have these now . we all are riding dirty tho, who cares

the second location was an apartment complex that my dad used to live at ^^
the 7th floor of "the asbusry", back when i was 12 and 13... awwww the memories

^^ grant killed the shoot, then he killed todd's banana penis, and then he killed me ! (pictured below)

just chillin in the cut ! don't mind me... :P
here are some of the final edits from the editorial





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