true loco spirit

am i being negative if i comment on this satan/pentagram thing ? it's wack
i'll admit i was into but got over it the next week . i was 19 . i'm 21 now .
yeah satan is really digging the ducktape tribute . i don't get it ? is it rebel ? you work at a grocery mart .
dog... i saw the tag on your grey tanktop.. american apparel ? gtfo .
so you're punk . how did you get to the party/show ? google maps?! on your IPHONE ?!?! yeah that's punk
hey i like neckface too but....
idk, maybe my logic doesn't make any sense or it's not to be taken too literally, but fuck...

i now have a rommate, he asked to put this in the living room,
it's bigger than the fridge, i said no




love this 1

this 1 2 . i can't stop watching 2:20, i wanna be the dude that rides a bike
in the desert w/ my girl on a horse . so surreal, reminds me of dances w/ wolves