this is all the behind the scenes photos i shot while walking in
the VOGUE CFDA show . the show is about ten up and coming fashion
designer finalists in a competion to get 300,000$ from what i understand .
it's easily one of the best shows in LA because you're wearing really great
clothes, it's at the chateau mormont, and you're walking in front of anna wintour
and a ton of celebrities . i guess it gives it more of a cooler feeling :)

each one of the 10 designers got to do a finale w/ 1 model, i was picked to
do it w/ tim coppens, so rad . i asked if we can take a photo after rehearsal and he was
down, i said let's do "sexy cool face" so yeah that's mine and his "sexy cool face"

ain't nobody fresher than my motha fuckin' clique clique clique clique

showtime ! - we got this ^^

^^ did the finale w/ the homegirl i did paige denim w/

everyone was laughing their ass off at this . jamie was also doing the finale but
he had to change into his first look to do so . which means he had like, 2 minutes
to get ready . there was like 4 people on him no lie trying to get his outfit right,
then the handler was like, "jamie your next !" as he walked to the front of the line they all scuttled
w/ him w/ their hands still trying to make it perfect . finally she said, "jamie go", i swear
one guy was trying to fix his collar halfway to the door . he was laughing the whole damn time :)
i have never seen something so literally last second ever before, it was such a funny sight .

after our walk i got one last photo w/ tim . he makes that face in every photo (look below) !
you can just tell by all 3 photos of him on this page that he's got that low key coolness about him .

we took one final group shot . zach made up the "excuse me sir hands" pose .
he was doing it the whole time, it's like when you go to a club and the bouncer
doesn't let you in . you put your hand there and repeatedly say, excuse me sir over and over
like you are very important . thus, "excuse me sir hands".... u just had to be there

shows don't pay close to print or commercials but they are so much fun .
for 7 hours you wouldn't even tell that we weren't best friends, like everyone
is just jiving w/ each other so hard . take zach (second from left) for instance, he was making me
laugh so hard throughout the whole show, but i haven't said a word to him since . and the
blonde guy, i don't even know his name and i don't think i ever knew his name haha .
and jamie (pictured far left) he's a supermodel, i mean as of me writing this right now (10/5/13)
he is ranked at #47 on models.com top 50 models in the world, that's a huge deal . he's done bigger
modeling jobs than every guy and girl in the whole show, but there's no ego there . for the duration of
the show you could think that we've been friends w/ everyone forever . for those 7 hours, it's a fucking blast




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