CFDA @ the Chateau Marmont
complimented w/ 3AM Diner Food

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another vogue CFDA show at the Chateau Marmont . this is my
favorite show in LA due to the elegance . the location, the front row
filled w/ all the stars, and wearing new designers that perhaps go on to
become household names . all this adds to a wonderful show to walk in

look at Adeng here ^^ such a beauty, see how innocent yet
observant she is . there is something really powerful about a short
hair sudanese girl . adeng you are absolutely breath taking <3

jacob brought his "dad cam" as i called it . we hung around together and
filmed everything to keep ourselves entertained for 6 hours of pure waiting .
we both made a montage from our point of view but i liked his more ;)


the next nite after the show justin and i went to a flaunt magazine
party and ran into jacob and his friend valentina . wow... just look
at her here, completely immaculate . she took off her shoes because they
were annoying her . chic yet careless, how can u not love that !?

wow, thank you so much current elliott !! what a lovely gesture :)

this fantastic Lee Foss filled nite out ended eating diner food

this entry ends w/ a photo of my awesome mom
and i paddling around echo park lake <3 <3







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