this is it . this is my favorite show in LA, it's the VOGUE CFDA show
at the Chateau Marmont !! this is the chicest show to do, from the vibe
to who attends . this is my behind the scenes backstage jesse experience !
no model does the BTS thing better than me, no ME ME ME selfie BS,
just me showing the beauty of the kids around me . i know i sound like an
asshole but i guess i'm just feeling myself right now ;) here is the show 2 years
ago that i did
. the previous one last year i was in asia when it happened
so i missed that one . thank you to everyone who put me in the show and let
me photograph them i always have an amazing time here . till next year !?! <3


this is my favorite photo for sure ^^ the top two girls on the
right were my favorite . the sudanese girl has so much energy and
was so friendly . you can see her smiling in every photo i took of her
even when she didn't know i was there . her energy was addicting,
love people like that . the blonde girl had it going ON... after watching her
for hours i finally said hello and she replied in a voice that was identical to
sylvester stallone, all russian, stern, and deep ! kinda loved it for some reason

the chateau hallway is LITERALLY
overflowing w/ models :P

so they asked me to bring my camera as a prop and pretend to
take photos when i was doing the show . and as i'm standing there
looking at kanye, anna wintour, kim k and all the beautifu models
around me i realize that this is my camera.. and there's film in there .
so fuck it, i was taking real photos !! how could i not w/ kanye right
in front of me smiling ?! sorry if that's a rude move i just couldn't help it

ok for real tho who is this girl i don't know
her name and she needs to be my GF ^^

all the models exited the catwalk onto the street so then all
of us had to walk a block to go back to the hotel . it was such a fun
minute seeing everyone all high from the show looking glamorous
and wonderful, laughing and skipping around . love those moments..




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